Working with YOU and in partnership with other organizations

The NPF recognizes the important role that you - individuals living with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis – and the clinicians who care for our community play in building support among federal policymakers. All elected officials – and federal officials are no different! – listen to their constituents before taking action on an issue. Your voice, as the constituent is going to be most important in encouraging action by federal officials. 

We also know that there is strength in numbers, so we work closely with other patient advocacy organizations – particularly those that advocate on behalf of individuals living with chronic diseases to encourage the passage of federal legislation that addresses the issues that matter to individuals managing health issues. The NPF is currently involved in more than a dozen major national coalitions including the Coalition for Accessible Treatments (CAT), State Access to Innovative Medicines (SAIM) Coalition, and NIAMS Coalition. We are also members of the National Health Council and lead the NHC’s Health Reform Action Task Team.