Discovery Fund

The National Psoriasis Foundation Discovery Fund is dedicated solely to supporting research projects that accelerate the discovery, development and delivery of new treatments and a cure for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

When you invest in the Discovery Fund, you invest in a program that is vigorously pursuing promising areas of science divided into four research pathways:

  • Immunology: Pursuing a better understanding of the immune system's role in psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis will lead to new treatments and a method of permanent control of disease symptoms.
  • Genetics: identifying and studying the genes that influence susceptibility, disease progression, and response to treatment is integral to finding a cure for psoriatic disease.
  • Skin and joint biology: The immune reaction in psoriasis unleashes a series of biological events that damage skin and connective joint tissues. Understanding how skin and joints respond to immune system reactions will lead to new medications that intervene in this process.
  • Associated health outcomes: Discovering just how psoriasis increases the risk of developing other serious health conditions (comorbidities), such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, will help prevent and reverse these conditions.

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