National Psoriasis Foundation Launches Chronic Pain Management Hub

Hub Provides Resources for Those Dealing with Psoriatic Arthritis Pain

Portland, Ore. (September 7, 2017) —The National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) has launched a Chronic Pain Management Hub to provide education and resources for people living with psoriatic arthritis (PsA). Offering pain prevention and management strategies, the Hub helps people living with psoriatic arthritis better understand their chronic pain and how to balance pharmacological and non-pharmacological options to decrease their disease severity and long-term pain.

Information and resources available in the Hub will educate patients, caregivers, health care providers and the public about the types of pain associated with psoriatic arthritis and how the disease can impact patients’ overall quality of life. The Chronic Pain Management Hub will help patients:

  • recognize symptoms and chronic pain associated with psoriatic arthritis;
  • identify triggers of psoriatic arthritis flare and pain, and how it impacts overall health;
  • employ appropriate strategies and lifestyle modifications, including sleep, diet, activity and stress, to prevent and better manage psoriatic arthritis flares and pain;
  • apply skills to effectively communicate their chronic pain and disease flares; and
  • understand treatment options for pain management including safety and side effects.

Utilizing the Brief Pain Inventory (BPI) severity scale, the Hub includes a pain assessment tool for patients to identify and understand their levels of pain and function. Informational modules that address educational, behavioral and cognitive skills designed to help with symptom and flare management, and lifestyle modifications for managing psoriatic arthritis pain are available.

A booklet covering psoriatic arthritis flare management, sleep, pain management options, diet, and stress is available to download. A fact sheet on effectively communicating chronic pain is available to help patients engage with their health care providers and understand how to talk with their family and friends about PsA and its symptoms.

Patients can fill out a form in the Hub to receive a Pain Management Guide that will help them set pain management goals, monitor pain, and talk to their health care provider about their treatment plan. The form will also enable patients to contact an NPF Patient Navigator with questions about pain associated with PsA or other topics related to psoriatic disease.

Living with psoriatic arthritis can be an everyday battle—from the potentially debilitating aches, pains, and exhaustion, to the risk of comorbid conditions, such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The best way for patients to fight psoriatic arthritis is to work with a health care professional to understand the various treatment options available for managing the disease.


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