Welcome to Week 2 of Psoriasis Awareness Month

Wellness is more than a diet change or fitness goal—it’s a new outlook on life. It’s about being aware of what you eat and drink, how much exercise or sleep you get, and how to manage the emotional rollercoaster of living with psoriatic disease.

This week, we challenge you to GET HEALTHY.

Whether you sign up for a new yoga class, give your favorite recipe a healthy makeover, or take a few minutes each day to meditate or focus on positive thinking, it’s time to give your mind and body some much-needed TLC.

Are you ready to get Whole Body Healthy? Then you’re ready for your next challenge.


Share a photo or video on Facebook with a comment about how you are motivated to get and stay Whole Body Healthy. Post the photo/video and comment on Facebook, and tag the National Psoriasis Foundation and include the hashtag #wholebodyhealthy in the post.

We will choose the four most inspiring posts and each winner will receive a health oriented gift basket. All photos/videos and comments must be posted by 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) on Tuesday, September 6, 2016.

Whole Body Healthy is not limited to diet and exercise. It means managing all aspects of life, from stress reduction, getting enough sleep, to reflecting on how psoriatic disease is affecting your emotions.

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Learn about this week’s theme, Get Healthy, in the Advance.