Advocacy Toolkit

Working With Elected Officials

Here are some helpful tips to becoming an effective advocate as you begin to build connections with your elected officials.

Use the 3 "P"s to win support from elected officials

Be Polite: Developing a dialogue with elected officials and their staff that is respectful and polite will build a lasting relationship.

Be Personal: Put a face to psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis and share your personal story. Become an expert in YOUR story about living with psoriatic diseases.

Be Persistent: One phone call or one letter won't get the job done. Keep at it!

Keep Your Message Focused and be as specific as possible. Too many topics will dilute your message.

Deliver your message in a Clear and Concise manner. You should be able to summarize your main point in a couple of minutes. Hint: short and sweet is best!

Speak Straight From the Heart! With your message, aim to make a personal connection that elected officials and their staff will remember.

The Psoriasis Foundation Will Help You Every Step of the Way! We will provide you with talking points, template letters and emails. Email us at:

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