Inverse Psoriasis

Dr. James Turner, M.D., Ph.D.

Inverse psoriasis (also known as intertriginous psoriasis) shows up as very red, smooth, and shiny lesions in body folds. Many people with inverse psoriasis have another type of psoriasis elsewhere on the body at the same time.Unfortunately, compared to other forms of psoriasis, inverse psoriasis is often not as easy to identify.

This free webcast will help you understand the symptoms of inverse psoriasis and how it can best be treated. We’ll talk about where inverse psoriasis occurs and how to develop a treatment plan for these skin sites, including underneath the arms, breasts and in the genital area. Dr. James Turner, dermatologist in practice at Mid-South Dermatology & Skin in Bartlett, Tennessee, will be the featured presenter for this educational webcast.


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