Psoriasis Flares

Dr. Craig Teller of Bellaire Dermatology Associates in Bellaire, TX

Wednesday, December 6th

7pm Eastern/6pm Central/4pm Pacific

Psoriasis gets better and worse with time. The more you understand your disease, the easier it’ll be for you to recognize and manage triggers and the symptoms of flares. As your knowledge grows, you’ll also understand when to seek appropriate medical attention if self-management strategies don’t relieve your symptoms.

With prevention and management strategies in place, you’ll have a better handle on your chronic psoriasis. You’ll know how to balance pharmacological and non-pharmacological options to decrease disease severity and flares.

Our Psoriasis Flares Webinar is a FREE online event that aims to increase education among patients and their care partners by explaining why flares happen, tips on how to manage them, and where to find more information.

Contact Bev Bromfield, Outreach Manager, at [email protected] or 800-723-9166, ext. 362.

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