10 gift ideas for the spoonie in your life

| Lori-Ann Holbrook

You may have noticed psoriatic disease patients and advocates calling themselves “spoonies.” The term “spoonie” is derived from an essay by Christine Miserandino entitled “The Spoon Theory.” The Spoon Theory was born out of a conversation between Christine, a lupus patient, and a friend about what it is like to have a chronic illness.

Miserandino explains that chronic patients have a limited amount of energy every day, like a handful of spoons. Imagine you have 12 spoons per day. Patients have to budget their energy every day, in order to have enough for the whole day. Some tasks require more spoons than others. For example, waking up and getting out of bed may cost us one spoon, showering two spoons, dressing two spoons, going to work or school three spoons, and so forth.

The Spoon Theory then caught on with others in the chronic illness community and is used universally by patients to refer to themselves and others who live with autoimmune and other chronic illnesses. Curious? Search #spoonie on Twitter. You’ll see for yourself.

Hope you enjoy this suggested Spoonie Gift Guide. I’ve tried several of these products and give them my personal Psoriatic Spoonie Seal of Approval.

Pen & Pencil Cushions, $2.95

Photo from BestFinds.org.

I like these because I find thin pens and pencils hard to write with as my psoriatic arthritis progresses.

Women's non-skin Mary Jane Fuzzy Slipper Socks, $14 (on sale)

Photo from DealGenius.com.

I tend to suffer with foot cramps if my feet get cold when I sleep. The Mary Jane design helps keep these on while I am sleeping and the non-skid feature helps make sure I do not slip on the hard floors in our apartment when I get up.

Teavana Lavender Dreams White Tea, $14.98 for 2 oz.

Photo from Teavana.com.

I love settling down with the aroma of this tea in the evening, or anytime I am stressed.

NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks, $19.99

Photo from NatraCure.com.

I was given a pair of these socks to try and I love them. One of my major problem areas is my feet and these really help with swelling and pain.

NatraCure Arthritis Mittens, $19.99 

Photo from NatraCure.com.

I was also given a pair of these to try and they are wonderful after the workday to quell the pain and swelling in my hands.

Teavana Gold Dot Infuser Mug, $21.95

Photo from Teavana.com.

With this mug, your favorite spoonie can infuse his or her Lavender Dreams tea at home or at the office.

Nap uPillow, $24.99

Photo from Brookstone.com.

This pillow is for infusions or travel. Could also be a sleep mask for the same use. Love how soft this is!

Biddeford Heated Plush Throw, $39.99 (on sale)

Photo from Kohls.com.

I really want one of these this year, for cozying up at home.

Memory Foam Adjustable Leg Wedge, $49

Photo from FeelGoodStore.com.

The Leg Wedge is for days when your spoonie has leg swelling. This is also high on my list.

BioSense 2-in-1 Shoulder Pillow, $49.99 

Photo from Brookstone.com.

This has really helped with my neck and back pain. After months with pain between my shoulder blades, I was cured the first night I slept on this pillow.

Hoping this helps you shop or helps your Santa shop for you!

In addition to volunteering with the National Psoriasis Foundation, Lori-Ann Holbrook runs City Girl Flare, a blog about living with psoriatic arthritis in an urban environment. Photo by Kristen Driscoll.

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